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1960s Prom DressesFancy Dresses and Evening WearProm dresses were pretty and often frilly frocks. We dressed like ladies. We wore gloves, often the long over the elbow kind for formal occasions. We never dressed sexy. In fact, very little actual flesh showed.Right Montgomery Ward 1964 Contrast in elegance. Black plush rayon velvet froms a dramtic bodice over a stark white cotton and acetate brocade bell skirt. $22.50  Right, below By Nadine 1964. Left – White nylon sheer over colored taffeta, white lace on bodice, bow and panel in back. Right – Dacron poly sheath with contoured empire waist, shirred full back panelSoft, feminine, elegant. Sears 1963 Sheer nylon tricot, acetetate lined. V-shaped in back with two floating panels. $21.50 Montgomery Ward 1964 Glistening dress with sequins and glittered touched scalloped lace (acetate nylon) bodice. Skirt of smooth gleaming acetate satin beneath a bell shaped sheath $24.70You can never go wrong in white. Click here for Basic Black frocks.
Montgomery Ward’s 1964 Iridescent sequins and matching braid pattern the bodice (front and back) of this graveful acetate-rayon crepe dress. $23.84  Sears 1963 Bolero gown. Acetetate and nylon lace bolero hooks inback, is trimmed with acetate satin. The gown, a whirl of sheer nylon tricot, zips in back and is fully lines.Has own nylon net petticoat. $22.50You might have worn the ensemble at right to the theatre, to dinner, just about anywhere. The versatible brocade dress and coat has such classic styling it could still be worn today. The frilly frock at right (2nd down) would have made a pretty party dress in the 1960s. Today it is hard to imagine a grown woman would go out looking like that.Right Spiegel 1960 Elegant Ensemble takes you through day to dinner too. Lavish Sciffili embroidered, sleeveless sheath, plus a companion coat, fully lined in rayon and acetate taffeta. Both in crisp rayon with the look and feel of linen. $18.80  Spiegel 1960 Sheer nylon ruffles ‘n lace beneath a boned petal bodice and filmy nylon net stole.
Taffeta cumberbund, rayon taffeta lining, nylon net crinoline. prom dress stores atlanta ga$19.85 Any discussion of gowns must include those worn by Jacqueline Kennedy as she set the style.red prom dresses sweetheart necklineShe personally guided the design of her Inaugural gown at right. purple lace mermaid prom dressSimple elegant lines set the tone for all the gowns which would follow, including the next one over.beaded halter top prom dressesClick Here for Mrs. Kennedy’s day dresses.Even as the Sixties rocked on, prom dresses remained feminine. The party dress at right could have been made full length as easily as the party dress length shown. 
Right Montgomery Ward 1967 Romatic scoop of two tone rayon chiffon for any gala affair. Dramatic overskirt swirls wonderfully for a waltz. Added flattery, cape sleeves, satin waist band. $22.50These two dresses (right) show classic styling. Left – Empire dress, cotton Venice type lace bodice, rayon chiffon skirt, acetate satin sash, back bow. $25.00 Right – Acetate and nylon lace over yarn dyed acetate taffeta dress. Cummerbund, back bow and lining of bodice are also of acetate taffeta. $19.95A new sophistication began to emerge in styles which could be worn by teens or women. I owned a dress very much like the yellow one at left.Right Sears 1968 Coat – Off white evening coat. Satnd up collar, front yoke. Rib textured rayon and acetate. $18.00 Dress – Empire line. Crepe of acetate and rayon bonded to acetate tricot. Softly bowed over gentle gathered skirt. $20.00  Montgomery Ward 1967 The halter look. A devastatingly bare-shouldered crepe sheath. $14.90The Spanish influence of bolero jackets and gaucho pants was prevalent in the late Sixties.
Further, this is the first time when a woman might wear pants out in the evening. This style of pants didn’t last very long.Right McCall’s 1968 A ravishing way to dress for evening is in this melting rich velvet. Bolero, heavily encrusted with golden embroidery, slips over lavish creamy crepe skirt with flamboyant billowing sleeves and the widest of collars. Pants, flared and flowing are caught by a chain cumberbund. By Kasper for Joan Leslie. Belt by Bagatelle.This evening gown represents a departure from earlier styles.Right Sears 1968 Dress with floating panels of rayon chiffon over acetate taffeta. Cotton Venice type lace sleeves and illusion yoke that is lines with organza of rayon and silk. Acetate satin ribbon trim. $29.00This gown also represents a departure from earlier styles. Sears 1968 Fabulous floaty dress…rayon, chiffon over acetate taffeta. In back, tiny bowed neckline dips to flyaway panels. $20.00The fancy dress at right is made in luxuriant velvet.  Sears 1966 Dramatic lantern sleeves add excitement to this elegant skimmer gracefully fashioned of soft, Lyons type rayon velvet.
$18.00The fun party dress at right reflects the baby doll look which was so popular in the late 1960s.It could be worn just above the knee (shown) or as a mini.  Sears 1968 Dollie dress flounces by in white lace of acetate and nylon tied with a pale pink ribbon. new last 30 days Womens 1960s Prom Dresses All Dresses A-Line Cheongsam Cocktail Cotton Frocks Hawaiian Hippie Knit Maternity Maxi Ethnic Mid Length Mini Muu-muus Polyester Prairie Rayon Reproduction Sheath Shifts Square Dance Wedding Wiggle Wool 60s Velvet Cocktail Dress 36Bust, 30Waist, 38Hip, 40Inches Long 60s Mod Cocktail Maxi Dress 34Bust, 26Waist, to 38Hip, 54Inches Long 60s Mod Maxi Cocktail Dress 34Bust, 28Waist to 38Hip, 56Inches Long 36Bust, 28Waist, 38Hip, 52Inches Long 34Bust, 24Waist, Free Hip, 56Inches Long 36Bust, 25Waist, Free Hip, 56Inches Long 60s Designer Maxi Prom Or Cocktail Dress 32Bust, 24Waist, Free Hip, 31Sleeve, 50Inches Long 60s Hippie Cocktail Maxi Dress
36Bust, 28Waist, Free Hip, 54Inches Long 60s Mod Mini Cocktail Dress 32Bust, 26Waist, 34Hip, 32Inches Long 60s Sequined Cocktail Maxi Dress 36Bust, 28Waist, Free Hip, 29Sleeve, 50Inches Long 60s Mod Print Cocktail Maxi Dress 34Bust, 26Waist, Free Hip, 27Sleeve, 56Inches Long 60s Mod Cocktail A-Line Mini Go-Go Style Dress 60s Cocktail Maxi Dress 36Bust, 34Waist, 38Hip, 52Inches Long 60s Prairie Style Hippie Prom Or Cocktail Dress 32Bust, 24Waist, Free Hip, 32Sleeve, 54Inches Long 60s Prom Or Cocktail Dress 34Bust, 26Waist, 36Hip, 32Sleeve, 54Inches Long 60s Prom Or Cocktail Maxi Dress 36Bust, 30Waist, Free Hip, 32Sleeve, 54Inches Long 34Bust, 26Waist to 38Hip, 31Sleeve, 58Inches Long 60s Knit Cocktail Maxi Dress 32Bust, 27Waist, 35Hip, 26Sleeve 42Bust to 38Waist to 44Hip, 52Inches Long 60s or Girls Cocktail Wiggle Dress 60s Girls Maxi Prom Dress 60s Wiggle Prom or Cocktail Maxi Dress
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60s Designer Cocktail Wiggle Dress 60s Semi Formal Cocktail Dress 34Bust to 37Bust, 26Waist to 30Waist, 38Hip, 42Overall Length 60s Cheongsam Cocktail Dress 36Bust, up to 32Waist, 38Hip 60s Prom/Cocktail Or Wedding Maxi Dress 32Bust, 24Waist, Up to 35Hip 60s or Girls New Look Cocktail or Prom Dress 32Bust, 22Waist, Free Hip 60s Mod Designer Velvet Cocktail Dress 60s Designer Cocktail Maxi Dress 60s Girls Babydoll Prom/Cocktail Dress 60s Girls Hawaiian Style Cocktail Maxi Dress 26Bust, Free Waist, Free Hip 60s Gown Cocktail Maxi Dress To 33Bust, 25Waist, 36Hip To 32Bust, 22Waist, 34Hip 60s Cocktail or Prom Maxi Dress or Town Gown 60s Or Girls Cocktail or Prom Dress 60s Cocktail A-Line Maxi Dress 60s or Girls Maxi Prom Or Cocktail Dress 33Bust, 23Waist to 36Hip 60s Maxi Cocktail Dress 40Bust, 30Waist, 42Hip, 29Sleeve 60s Prom/Cocktail Maxi Dress 60s New Look little Black Cocktail Dress